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2012-04-05 10:24 am

old fic that's new to you

This was inspired last year when A3 were on tour and Matt tweeted "All my dudes be sending me nudes." There were other tweets that night about the subject but I've forgotten those since I didn't copy them. heh. Anyway, so I started writing a story about it, which took a weird dramatic/angsty turn in the middle that just didn't fit with the humorous beginning, so I scrapped that and went back to thinking I'm somewhat amusing. This was jossed pretty hard when Bob came back to Twitter and I lost interest.

Out of all the WIPs and ficletty things in my files, this is the only one that's more or less finished.

All My Dudes Be Sending Me Nudes...Except One
Matt Skiba/Bob Bryar
Not Rated
~1100 words

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2011-11-29 02:55 pm

Not Fic: Trying to Find Peace and Patches for the Holes, CyborgAU, Matt/Bob

It is quite possible--no, extremely probable-- that I will regret this, but apparently that is not enough to stop me. Since I have broken up with Bob in a writerly fashion, this will never be more complete than it is right now and since I've been working on it for a very long time and it was intended to be a holiday gift for [personal profile] tempore last year, I figure why the hell not? Other people have posted unfinished stories and called them not!fic and the world didn't end. Of course, whether anyone still wants to read about Bob is a different kettle of fish.

working title: Try to find peace and patches for the holes
Fandom: bandom--Alkaline Trio, FOB, Bob, Brian, Gabe etc.
Series: Cyborg AU
Pairing: Matt Skiba/Bob Bryar
Rating: NC-17
Word count: a little over 6,400
Thanks to [personal profile] mahoni for reading bits and helping me smooth out rough spots, holding my hand and just putting up with me in general. ♥
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2011-08-07 05:53 pm

Ficlet: Day With Dinosaurs, bandom

Title: Day with Dinosaurs
Fandom: bandom RPS
Pairing: Matt Skiba/Bob Bryar
Rating: R-ish for language
Word count: ~1200
Notes/disclaimers/etc: Not true. Specifically takes place on August 2, 2011...but obviously AU since Bob is there. [personal profile] mahoni looked this over for me and there is one fleeting reference to the story she is currently writing, which will only become apparent once she posts. But today, that's not really important. I think we decided these take place in the same universe as Stuck In Your Head, so established relationship.

Summary: Bob makes Matt go with him to The Field Museum.

Matt knows he has been more hung over than this. He just can't quite remember when. )
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2011-04-15 03:47 pm
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2010-05-10 07:11 pm

Fic: Slipping Like a Fault Line

Title: Slipping Like a Fault Line
Fandom: bandom
Pairing: Bob/Mikey, minor Gerard/Frank and Brendon/Spencer, hints of Gabe/William and Pete/Patrick
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: ~22,000
Warnings: BDSM
Summary: Theater AU in which Bob is a stage manager and Mikey is a ninja. (or, there is a theatre. the cast is mad and the crew is worse and there is lots of sex.)
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] sperrywink for the final beta and to everyone who read it at various stages of completion. Thanks also to [personal profile] carleton97 for answering all my theater questions. If I got anything wrong, it's my fault not theirs. Thanks to lj user= akire_yta for the conversation that spawned this thing months ago and for the best part of the summary.

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2010-05-09 07:39 pm
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Fic: Shift and Slide

Title: Shift and Slide
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio (click names for pics)
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~12,350 words
Disclaimer/summary/notes: It's all fiction. This is an AU in which Bob never met The Used or MCR, but continued doing sound for House of Blues and on some small tours, and he's been friends with Matt since they met in Chicago years and years ago. I didn't try to follow A3 canon timelines very closely. This is set in 2008 for reasons that may become obvious or may be completely irrelevant. Either way is okay.
Thanks to [personal profile] mahoni and lj user=jeeze_louise" for support and extremely helpful information, and massive thanks to [personal profile] nemoinis for support, beta reading, hand-holding, and not killing me when I insisted that this was the story I had to write right now and put everything else on hold.

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