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Thursday, December 29th, 2011 08:49 am
I got cards! Thank you, Bettina and Mal! I ♥ y'all both! (am not coding because I'm crossposting from DW and therefore will fuck it up)

Speaking of fucking up... I had a dentist (well, hygienist) appointment yesterday that I totally flaked out on. I didn't realize it was the 28th already. IDEK, man. The lady I talked to at the office laughed at me but was very understanding. I don't know if they'll charge me for it or not. She didn't mention it and I was so wrapped up in embarrassment that I didn't think to ask. I rescheduled for the 11th when I have to go to the clinic for blood work anyway, so maybe I can remember this time.

This-- Subject: So if food is a fandom-- just might be my favorite thread in the history of ever. I actually giggled at a few of the comments.

Oh and speaking of crossposting, I really do not like the changes in the LJ commenting, so I'm going to start using my DW more and if you wouldn't mind commenting there, it'd be great but I won't remove commenting from the LJ posts because I hate not having a choice so I'm leaving it up to you. If I have you on my LJ flist but not my DW circle, please let me know so I can rectify that. I will not be deleting any duplicate journals from my LJ flist since my LJ is mostly flocked now and I don't want to remove access to older posts and comments. IDK, though, I've tried to use my DW more often before and it never lasts long. But it's not like I even post that much anywhere anyway.

Today might be the day I get caught up on reading both flist and circle. Maybe. Dunno. It depends on whether the (completely illegal*) Vicodin I'm probably going to have to take in a few minutes makes me sleepy or not. (I thought the Loestrin was supposed to make my periods more manageable but after 5 months on's not.)

In more fannish news...I enjoyed the Doctor Who Christmas special quite a bit (as long as I neither think too much about it or read any discussion at all) and am very, very much looking forward to more Sherlock this weekend.

*illegal because my doctor kind of sucks. I told her the pain was so bad that I had to take my late MIL's Vicodin because OTC stuff just didn't do anything and all she said was "yeah, you shouldn't do that" and didn't volunteer to give me a prescription for painkillers of my own.


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